Vuntut National Park, Yukon, Canada

[Foreword: This is the first story in a series of stories intended to introduce a reader to an ecosystem, its inhabitants and their unique stories! There are thousands of such ecosystems all over the world — so expect more such stories to come!] Dink and Poing (Evening, the sun is setting. An open grassy area,Continue reading “Vuntut National Park, Yukon, Canada”

Ben, the Zen Pain-In-The-Ass

A college dorm room, on a mindless Sunday afternoon. Inside the room sat three people. Two of these three people were watching TV shows on their own laptops, each one in his own world — and the third was journaling his thoughts. Adrian removed his headphones with a sigh of deep contentment. He had finishedContinue reading “Ben, the Zen Pain-In-The-Ass”

Richie and the Bulldog

When we talk of beauty swathed in opulence, we cannot help shuddering in pity for its victims, coming under its fatal spell as they do. Such was the sombre thought running in my mind as I sat gazing at my young pea-brained nephew, Richie Barton. He was slowly and unconsciously pouring his orange juice onContinue reading “Richie and the Bulldog”

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