See Elsa? Be Like Elsa.

As I write this article, there are many voices banging around inside my head. One class of these voices is undoubtedly dark; “he thinks you are insincere”, “she finds you really dull”, “you haven’t lived up to their expectations; it’s over”. They go on droning incessantly, dredging up painful and sad moments from the past,Continue reading “See Elsa? Be Like Elsa.”

Why I hate Climate Change more than I hate Eggplants

“I hate Eggplants” is a weird way to start an article on Climate Change. I understand that. But I have to say this. I hate Eggplants. Hate them. Their insides remind me of brain matter. In fact, until the age of 8, I actually believed they were the insides of someone’s brain. And also, thatContinue reading “Why I hate Climate Change more than I hate Eggplants”

Omelets and Disaster Management

[Disclaimer : This article is purely an exercise in Satire. To all my readers who eat eggs, please don’t chase me with pitchforks. Also, I came to know only later that most eggs that are consumed today are unfertilized.] My brother travelled from India to Germany this January for his MBA. Two months into hisContinue reading “Omelets and Disaster Management”

The loneliness we seem to feel

For the past one month now, my apartment has been besieged by the sound of dogs fighting violently in a nearby street. One night, as I and my family sat down for dinner, we could hear them in the distance — howling, barking violently, and every now and then, pitiful whimpering. “Blasted dogs” my brotherContinue reading “The loneliness we seem to feel”

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