About Time.

I remember the first time I came across the concept of Conscription. As a teenager, the very idea terrified me.

“Mandatory Military Service? That’s horrible, how can they ask common citizens to put themselves through a war?” I asked a friend of mine. 

“Well, who else can a country ask for help from? They’re fighting for their own future. Their families’ future,” he replied.

Source: Advertisement for conscripting women in the Second World War. Some women took up military roles on the battlefield.

Fast forward to more than a decade later, and I’m speaking to another friend. We were talking about our general interests in life, and I mentioned my newfound interest in environmentalism.

“Oh, I’m not into that stuff actually,” came the reply.

I remember shrugging my shoulders and saying that I respected that sentiment. But I’m beginning to think that just maybe, entertaining that sentiment is no longer viable.

An environmentalist way of life is inevitable. The stories of our years, our decades to come, could increasingly revolve around saving our beautiful home planet.

It is a battle against unconscionable apathy. It is a battle for innate human goodness.

It is a battle against lethargy and complacency. It is a battle for common sense.

It is a battle against unsustainable lifestyles. It is a battle for a life truly worth living.

It is a battle that no sane, capable person should run away from.

Because if not you, then who?

There is little need to explain how real the threat of a dangerous world-wide crisis can be, dear reader. After all, you have lived through a terrible pandemic — a nightmarish scenario that you couldn’t have possibly seen coming.

You have seen governments issuing quarantine rules, corporations sending employees home, huge malls and restaurants shutting down operations.

You have seen previously bustling, noisy streets go completely silent in the absolute lack of vehicular traffic.

You must have seen life take you down some very strange roads in the past 2 years.

Do you still believe that Climate Change (and similar crises) will never really take place?

If you feel a tinge of anxiety at this point, it’s probably a good time to ask this question. There’s so much that troubles our world – Global Warming, Biodiversity Loss, Ocean Acidification etc. As an individual, what can you do? 

Your journey of Environmentalism starts with that question. Reach out to people. Go online, join discussion groups. Go offline, volunteer with local organizations.

Experiment with sustainable practices – composting, upcycling, repurposing. Research every product’s background before you buy it, understand what its carbon footprint is.

Source: Volunteers releasing a turtle after rescuing it from a fish hook stuck in its mouth. Such divine joy must be theirs!

Whatever it is, refuse to sit still. We cannot afford to be paralyzed by despair and inertia – the stakes are so high, that we would not wish to even imagine what our failure would look like. Which is why every bit of help counts.

And just maybe…doing this might not be a dull job, a boring chore.

Just maybe, volunteering for beach cleanups can you help you gain a lasting sense of genuine joy and contentment.

Just maybe, planting a tiny sapling in the soil might give you what years of networking and socializing might not have given you – filling a void in your heart. A deep, fulfilling connection to Nature.

If you want to know if you could really feel that way, begin that journey today, here. It’s about time.

Published by TheHermitVoyager

"If you would attain real freedom, you must be the slave of philosophy." - Epicurus (Jeez, talk about a killjoy)

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